Indians love gold jewellery- there is no denial about it. Besides special occasions like weddings, engagements, birthdays, anniversaries, we buy gold randomly. Our fascination for the precious metal knows no boundaries.

Buying gold is not only an investment but also a great fashion accessory. We Indians love dressing up for different occasions and gold jewellery goes with almost every look. Besides, making us look beautiful, wearing gold also adds up a status symbol to our social image. With so many good reasons to buy gold, we keep adding up new pieces to our gold connection.

Talking about one of the top metro cities of India, the number of gold jewellery buyers also reflects our love for the yellow metal. But the numbers of frauds are also increasing with the passing days. Since buying gold also holds value for reselling it, we need to be careful about the genuineness of the gold we buy. Gold is not cheap. To protect our hard-earned money from dishonest sellers, we need to be careful about a few things. Keep reading the blog to know about some of the most important things.

Things To Check Before Buying Gold Jewellery

1.Purity Of The Gold

The purity of gold jewellery has been such a huge thing since the ancient days. It doesn’t sound good but as it is a status symbol, gold purity often becomes the parameter of a person’s worth. Before spending a lot on it, every gold jewellery buyer in Kolkata must check the purity. Yet, pure 24k gold is too soft to make a piece ofjewellery out of it. Hence, some amount of alloy is mixed with pure gold to make it wearables. Usually, we buy gold jewellery in 18k and 22k. If we are buying a gold bar or gold coin, 24k is ideal.

2.Checking The Hallmarks

Along with the karats, we should also check whether the gold has a hallmark or not. This mark proves that the gold is pure. It is always better to buy ornaments that have a resale value. If the time comes to sell our jewelleries in the future, the seller will ask for a BIS hallmark. Also, we must keep all the buying documents like bills and purity certifications in a safe place. We will need those while selling it in the future.

There are two types of hallmarks for us to understand the authenticity of the gold. Some hallmarks show karats with the letter ‘K’. On other hand, some have a three-digit number that expresses the percentage of purity. For instance, 14k gold might have a digit like ‘585’. It means that the gold has 58.5 percent purity.

3.The Color Of The Metal

Though yellow gold is the most popular one found in our jewellery box, there are other colors too. Some of us might prefer white or rose gold and even two different colors in a single piece of jewellery. The examples include yellow gold and white gold mix, rose gold and white gold mix, and much more. pick your color carefully before making the final buy. The non-yellow varieties are usually not more than 18 karats.

• Yellow gold represents the natural gold color but it is not always pure. We should not assume that yellow color is always pure and hence we should always check the hallmarks

• White gold is a fusion of nickel or palladium. It resembles silver but has a brighter hue

• Rose gold is a fusion of copper and gold

4.Finding A Reputable Seller

There are so many popular gold jewellery outlets that are the most reliable when it comes to gold purity. But often the biggies include fat service charges and the final price we have to pay becomes huge.
So, how can we ensure buying pure quality gold at a cost-effective price? Well, we can’t do anything about the gold’s price itself. But we can opt for a jeweler who doesn’t charge huge service taxes. We should do our research before deciding on an independent but reputable dealer.

Every Gold Jewellery Buyer In Kolkata Must:

• Not hesitate to ask a potential jeweler to show their hallmark certification and credentials

• Pick a jeweler that offers a whole range of services like making custom designs, offering re-sizing services

• Not buy at the first store that comes to notice. Looking for similar pieces at other outlets and comparing between the prices is a must

• Check the current gold price range to ensure the deal is good enough

5.Checking The Weight

In India, we buy gold by weight – heavier pieces cost more. Precious pieces like emerald and diamonds are often added to gold jewellery and it increases the weight. Some seller counts the amount based on gold’s cost as per its weight. As a result, we are paying for gold that is not even present in our jewellery. Hence, it is very important to check the gold’s weight and other stone’s weight separately beforehand. While buying stoned jewellery, we should ask the jeweller to deduct the stone weight while billing. No gold jewellery buyer in Kolkatashould be a part of this scam and pay extra money without even knowing. After all, we are already paying the making charges.

6.Asking About The Warranty Period

On a usual note, reputable jewelers offer some types of return policies and warranties. Warranty is always a good idea for an expensive piece of pure gold jewellery that is prone to damage. We must ask about the warranty of a gold jewellery before buying it. Of course, we don’t buy our jewelry to box it up. We want to wear it often and hence subjecting it to decay and damage. Getting a warranty is quite a smart move. We must read the warranty plan carefully to understand what it covers.

7.Bargaining Is Not A Bad Thing

We must bargain for the price before we finally sign the deal and buy gold jewellery. As we know, besides the price of the gold itself, we are already paying for the making charges. If bargaining can reduce the price a bit, why not give it a try?

8.Maintaining Gold Jewellery Takes Some Efforts

When we wear gold jewellery daily, it wears and collect dirt soon. So, we should clean our golds frequently. The process of cleaning gold is very simple and every gold jewellery buyer in Kolkata can do it at home.

A Few Simple Steps To Wash Our Jewellery

• We can wash our jewelleries with warm water and dishwashing soap.

• After soaking the jewellery in the cleaning solution for 15 to 20 minutes, we need to scrub it with a soft toothbrush.

• After the gentle scrubbing process, we should rinse well all the soap residue and pat dry the jewellery with a clean tissue or towel.


Lastly, we should not forget to visit a high-rated and reputable jewellery store when it comes to buying precious metals like gold. Even if we are comparing between the different prices offered by the different outlets, making the final decision should involve detailed research and thoughts.

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