Do you have the emergency to exchange gold for cash in Kolkata? So you have to find a genuine organization where you will not face any fraud. We suggest our readers go to the Aishwarya Jewellery in Kolkata that has a clean and clear image after generations.

In Kolkata, how do I exchange gold for cash without any doubt?

Countless gold jewelry shops offer cash for gold in Kolkata on your old gold. But it is hard to find a suitable place that offers the best price and genuineness and perfect measurements. So we are suggesting the most reliable organization that has decades of experience. Apart from they appear the reputed brand for their unique process of cash on gold. Here we can discuss how the exchange is safe here.

  • At Aishwarya Jewellery, the weight, purity, and proper value of gold are determined using the most advanced technologies. And after the proper measurement, they will suggest the current market price to the customers.
  • With the scheme of cash on gold at us, the customer will get the value depending on the worth of the gold. Besides, he or she will receive the money either in liquid cash or via bank account transfer exactly after the process.


Aishwarya Jewellery has established itself as one of the most well-known in the concerning industry. However, it is possible by maintaining complete transparency in each of the dealings. So please visit our physical or online shop for the best gold selling opportunities.

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