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Since its inception back in the year 1996, Aishwarya The Diamond Jewellery has gradually made its mark in the jewellery industry. Through consistent dedicated efforts, the organization has earned its name. Not only as a unique manufacturer of royal Rajasthani jadau and polka-designed pieces of jewellery but also as a dependable service provider. You can sell old gold jewellery safely here without any worries.

Sell old gold jewellery safely at Aishwarya The Gold Jewellery Buyer

Exchanging gold-reasons

The saying goes “old is gold” but it is also true that gold never turns old. You may stop using certain pieces of gold jewellery due to over-usage or natural wear and tear. But this does not reduce the value of the metal. Rather than holding it back, you can sell that unused amount of gold at Aishwarya in exchange for cash. This is considered to be a leading gold jewellery buyer in Kolkata.

Gold is regarded as a friend in need when you en-cash it, otherwise, you will be unable to meet your financial requirements. As a result, you’ll need a reliable buyer to complete the transaction safely. In this regard, Aishwarya the gold jewellery buyer is a one-stop-shop. You can easily exchange gold for cash here in the most convenient way.

A brief overview of the Aishwarya gold exchange system

The entire procedure of exchanging gold for cash at Aishwarya The Gold Buyer is very smooth, hassle-free, and trustworthy. It happens right in front of you and therefore there remains little scope of doubt regarding any sort of forgery involvement in the dealing(s). Every single grievance of every customer is attended with equal alacrity and dedicated effort to ensure maximum customer satisfaction.

The procedure of exchanging gold for cash at Aishwarya The Gold Buyer

The organization follows certain few simple steps while exchanging gold for cash. These steps are as follows:

Firstly, you need to visit the relevant selling point of the organization. The highly competent customer support executive will attend you duly. Then the concerned experts will clean your gold using the latest and the most advanced technologies to remove all sorts of dirt and impurities that get accumulated over time.

Then the gold is weighed using the latest scale to remove the tendencies of error and ensuring correct evaluation
Then the payment is done after assessing the total value depending on the prevalent market price. The spot payment is done either in the form of hard cash or as a direct bank account transfer depending on the value of the amount.

Keeping all your unused gold locked up in your vault will never fetch you any good and formidable financial opportunities. Therefore, from a professional and practical financial perspective, it is always advisable to exchange gold for cash provided the market conditions are favorable. But, in case of any financial emergencies, you do not possess the option to assess the market conditions.

In case of dire financial necessity, you can always approach Aishwarya without any hesitation to sell off your old, unused pieces of junk gold in exchange for cash. You can utilize the amount for further lucrative investment options for better returns or fulfill certain immediate important financial necessities depending on the prevalent circumstances.

Reasons to trust Aishwarya The Gold Jewellery Buyer

Not only for impeccable and enviable craftsmanship but Aishwarya The Gold Buyer is noted for unparalleled customer support and services. It has been listed as one of the leading dealers of old gold and diamond jewellery, granting loan facilities against gold and diamonds, and also a notable manufacturer of gold and diamond jewellery. The consistent and combined efforts of the entire team are responsible for the success of the firm. Moreover, the implementation of the latest and the most advanced techniques makes it even more trustworthy by removing the chances of errors and mistakes

Types of gold accepted at Aishwarya

This firm accepts gold jewellery of all sorts including bangles, necklaces, chains, rings, earrings, etc. while exchanging it for money. Gold bars and gold coins are also accepted here in this context.

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