Cash for diamond

We Buy Diamond for Cash:

Diamond is something that does never lose its charm and magnificence. If you deal with precious stones then you will know that the value of diamond never really decreases. If you have a good piece of diamond that you need to sell at any emergency then you can be sure that the price you will be getting against this will not be bad. We at Aishwarya buy every kind of diamond item from our customers and offer them the best price for it.

Our Diamond Evaluation:

You can choose us to sell your diamond piece because we do the complete evaluation process in front of our customers using up-to-date gadgets and techniques which are used in the rest of the world. Our experienced professionals have sound knowledge about diamond jewellery and they will endow you with the best price possible for your selling. Our proficient team has a clear understanding of the 4Cs to find the exact value of your piece. The first C points out the clarity and the second C denotes the colour of the diamond you are going to sell us. This is signified by the sign D to Z, while D being the purest one and Z is of the lowest price. Third C measures the carat of the diamond that gives the weight of the diamond piece. This is the most vital part of any diamond transaction of trading diamond jewellery. The fourth C denotes the cut of the diamond and it is one of the important things to consider as well. The cut of a diamond can be of many types and the cost will vary depending upon the cut. So before you, we purchase your product we will evaluate it according to its cut.

Visit our outlet to grab the best price for the selling of your diamonds and we proffer you with the best available price in the market.


Our Speciality in Cash for Diamond:

  • We possess certified evaluators of gemstones, who are especially experts in diamonds.
  • We keep the customers’ data and records discreet because we value their privacy.
  • We provide a free consultation regarding your diamond product over the phone. You can come to our outlet for your query too.
  • We offer instant cash for your selling of diamond jewellery. You can ask for NEFT/RTGS/IMPS as well.
  • Less paperwork as we respect your convenience.
  • Time taken to complete the whole process will take not even an hour, as we know the value of your precious time.

Why choose us:

Even if you do not have great knowledge about diamonds, you need not worry because we are there to give you the best price for your product. You can compare with different diamond buyers around you and we will be giving you the best deal. We buy all kinds of diamonds and endow you with instant cash.

Diamond pieces we buy from customers:

  • Necklace
  • Ring
  • Earrings
  • Watch
  • Bangles

Don’t miss your opportunity to visit us in Kolkata to sell precious jewellery at the best suitable price.