Before Exchanging Gold, There Are a Few Facts You Must Know About The Process

Sell your Gold to us at the best gold rate today Kolkata:

Gold is the true companion of you in need and in did. You are lucky if you have received some antique gold from your ancestral. Maybe they are not trendy anymore, but still, they are useful. Exchange gold for Cash is one of the biggest exchange systems in the world. We understand how you feel at the time of the gold exchange. So we try our level best to give you as much as possible against your gold. You and we together will follow a few steps to complete the gold exchange process competently. These are-

Visit our brand showroom – 

Although there is a facility for online exchange, you can visit our place as the preliminary step. Visiting our showroom will surely reduce many of your doubts regarding the Exchange gold for cash process as we are open to all the visitors who seek guidance over it. You can gather an overall knowledge of the entire process before proceeding with us.

Gold cleaning – 

The old antique items you are carrying will surely have some dirt on them so that the gold cleaning process is mandatory. Of course, our experts will do it in front of you. By utilizing the latest technology, we do this in an ultrasonic machine.

Gold valuation – 

Hopefully, you can understand that this is the most vital part of the entire procedure. We at Aishwarya Gold and Diamond do this by following three steps,-

  • Measuring the quantity.
  • Checking the purity level, and
  • Finally, fix the value.

Don’t worry; you will witness all three steps. We use the latest version of the XRF device to ensure the appropriate value of your gold. We genuinely follow the current rate of gold on that particular day. So that we can ensure you the best market price and you get your deserving amount.

Get the payment instantly – 

We realize that you do not have a long time waiting to get the money because you are in a crisis. Generally, people sell their old gold items at a crucial timing when they have no other way to arrange money. Apart from that, we are offering you flexible choices for the money transaction. Such as-

  • Cash on the spot*
  • Bank transfers via NEFT, IMPS, and RT*
  • Online transactions*

So without wasting your time, we will do the entire process very swift, in fact, within a few minutes. Of course, you will get instant payment.