Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is the assurance that I am getting the right value of my Old jewellery?
Aishwarya Diamond Jewellery is a 4th Generation Jewellery Manufacturing Firm trusted by many jewellers in kolkata.
We buy at Prevailing Market Buy Rates of Kolkata Gold & Diamond Federation.
Is there any minimum Quantity of Jewellery that i can sell?
No requirements of any minimum Quantity, any number of pieces or any weight is purchased by us.
How will I get the payment?
Instant Cash /NEFT/RTGS or CHEQUE which ever You want.
Can I get valuation done at my home ?
Incase of Special cases, we give you facility of Valuation at home at a very minimum Charge as per situation. But since all the setup is in the head office, we would prefer you bring the jewellery to our office and get instant payment for Your gold in Kolkata.