Some Important Points When You Go To Buy Second Hand Gold Jewelery

Second Hand Gold Jewellery Buyers

For a very long time, Indians have been using gold items as an investment choice. However, people do not sell their old Gold until they face an extreme financial need. In Kolkata, it is very easy to find options where you can sell your second-hand gold items. But few Second Hand Gold Jewellery Buyers in Kolkata are genuine and reliable. Aishwarya Gold and Diamond is no doubt one of those organizations that have become a brand for trust. We are genuine, trustworthy, and transparent in the second-hand gold selling process. We are different because we have some features:-


Bill against every transaction: – We always like to be genuine in all the processes that take our business forward. Second-hand gold jewelry buying is one of our premium services for sure, and it is not an exception. So we provide valid and legal documents against all our second-hand item purchase and sale procedure.


Worth of Gold: – Several standardized methods are there in the market these days that can help gold traders to measure the exact value of any gold item. By using the proper technique and tool, gold business authorities can appropriately measure the quality and quantity of the gold item. We at Aishwarya gold and diamond use the most useful and advanced technique for measuring the carat level of the gold items.


The final gold price: – We at Aishwarya Gold and Diamond  always offer accurate assessments to our consumers. For this reason, we use the latest technology and techniques for measuring second-hand gold items. After conducting an electrical conductivity test of old Gold, we evaluate them. From purity checks to melting processes, they do all of this while keeping their consumers with them. We fix the final gold price when you are happy with the whole process. And we will take your Gold after having your consent for sure.

Second Hand Gold Jewellery Buyers

  • Only precise gold value can be determined by multilevel scientific testing.
  • To achieve an accurate weight, clean the Gold with an ultrasonic machine.
  • The current market rate is used.
  • High-quality crucibles are used, and no gold remains after melting.

Although we accept all types of gold items even if they are not our product, we provide better prices and readily accept gold items for our brand. But in this case, you have to provide the proper document adequately. Apart from that, any Hallmark 24 carat gold item is even more acceptable to us if it is from another brand. No doubt, we are one of the most trusted Second Hand Gold Jewellery Buyers in Kolkata. We offer the most flexible transaction process to our consumers as well. Online payments, Bank transactions, and cash on the spot – we do all of this readily.