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Gold Buyer in Kolkata

Want to sell your gold jewellery for cash in Kolkata? Then Aishwarya is your destination. The concept of cash against gold ornaments started in the developed countries where instant cash was offered for precious metals such as gold or diamond. Here in Kolkata, we have started the same way of purchasing your gold items against the best price.

Being a customer you can be worried about the evaluation process of the jewellery you want to sell. But you need not be anxious as we follow the latest methods of gold evaluation that has been standardized internationally. We offer a flexible, safe and reliable evaluation to help you get stress free and sell your gold at the best possible price.

Why sell gold to the best gold buyer in Kolkata?

If you are looking for the best option for selling your valuable ornaments then consider selling gold because it gets the best value when you sell it. Gold is preferred by most people because it has been one of the precious metals from ancient times and it is used in any auspicious ceremony in India starting from rice ceremony to marriage ceremony. Purchasing gold and wearing gold jewellery is considered to be the most feasible way to show your wealth to the people around you. So when you sell that precious thing, you should ensure that you earn profit.

The most commendable feature about selling your gold is that you can get financial assistance from it whenever you are in need. Whether it is old or tilted or broken, when you sell it, we can get it liquidities and make new things out of that by recycling. Because of this gold never loses its value.

Sell your gold in a hassle-free way:

Most of our customers discard their gold jewellery because it has become old or broken or tilted with time. We are here for them to buy their precious and out of fashion jewellery so that they can make money out of their gold jewellery. The price of gold is soaring sky high every other day and this is just the right time you should sell your gold jewellery to make good money out of it. If you do not know where to sell it, then Aishwarya is there for you. We buy gold for cash.We will put our maximum effort into buying your jewellery, even from your doorstep by rightly evaluating your material and offering you the best value against that.

Once you reach us you will know that we are the best in this field. Not only we have experienced and knowledgeable employees in our team, but at the same time we know what you want. Customer satisfaction is our ultimate priority and we value them the most.


Gold Item we buy from our customers:

We buy almost anything made out of gold from our valuable customers. We never judge the item by its size or quantity of gold used while making it. We will just evaluate the quality of the product and offer you the best price against that. We take gold bars, rings, anklets, bracelets, pendants, coins and necklaces from our customers to provide money against it.