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Sell your Gold for Spot Cash

If you are looking for the best potential buyer of your valuable jewellery then Aishwarya is there for you as we are the most trusted jewellery dealer in Kolkata. Come to us at your convenient time and we will be there to provide every solution related to the jewellery that you want to sell. We will guide you through the correct procedures. We will pay you according to the market rates of your valuables. We evaluate the jewellery free of cost. If you cannot be able to show up in our office we have a free pickup service from your place where we will pay you the money against your jewellery as well. We use internationally recognized technology to verify and assess the quality and quantity of the jewellery piece you want to sell.

Cash for gold: Trusted & Assured Best Price

Sell your gold in Kolkata at the best rate. We assure transparency and clarity and endow you with instant cash. We possess our team of professional employees who would support you in every aspect till the deal closes from both ends. We offer various kinds of services to our customers, but cash for gold is our most well-known service. Sometimes there are a few companies that have terms and conditions regarding the quality or quantity of gold you are taking, and they do not wish to buy broken gold, but with us, the whole system is transparent as we accept your jewellery at any condition, be it broken, tilted or damaged. We accept a very small piece of jewellery as well, and we treat every customer with the same courtesy.

Gold jewellery

We have a team of energetic people who will always provide their services to our customers. They will help you over the phone and if you come to our office then you will be given full assistance from our employees. They will take minimum time to provide you with the best resolution. If the customer cannot be able to reach our office due to some reason then someone from our office will visit your place with the necessary equipment and they will do all the measuring and assessing work in front of you after which they

List of Services we provide:

Cash against gold

We offer instant cash against the gold product you bring. We offer our customers various opportunities to sell their gold…

Cash for gold jewellery

Are you in a financial crunch? Are you out of money? Do you need instant cash by selling your precious jewellery?

Cash for diamond

Diamond is something that does never lose its charm and magnificence…

Release Pledged Gold Jewellery

If you are tired of asking for gold loans then you are probably in search of a way by which you can get…

Sell gold

Want to sell your gold jewellery for cash in Kolkata? Then Aishwarya is your destination..

Gold buyers in kolkata

We are known as the most reliable and genuine jewellery dealer in Kolkata…

Old Gold Jewellery Buyers

Gold is one of the precious metals that are accepted all over the world for its excellent value…
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